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So, Where’s Your Head At?

Vision Is Key


Sometimes the product development process, an “outside the box” endeavor by nature, can be subject to extreme “inside the box” thinking.  Yes, concrete thought does have its place in product development, however, repetitive “plug and play” strategies can offer little solace to entrepreneurs and inventors with REAL innovation on their hands.


At BerryGood Products our purpose is to create life-altering innovation. Therefore, we often take a visionary approach to our product development process:


It is imperative that we find an ideal stream of insight into why we are creating, what we are creating. The idea needs to be vetted for usefulness, purpose, and “end game”.  In our opinion, the end game is often the most overlooked thought in the product development process. Yet, can be crucial to executing a sufficient strategy with regards development and launch. 


An entrepreneur should have some inkling into what their looking to achieve. Whether it be continuously re-inventing the product life cycle through innovation, or strategically implementing a product to be “bought out”, this conservation must be had.


There is no sense in rushing into the development process, if the idea has no vision. The strategy for implementation at the least should be discussed at the forefront, to maximize time spent in deciphering a direction.


Just A Thought

In our opinion, Entrepreneurs and Inventors looking to hire a product development firm should value this discussion with their potential partner, just as much as development and design.


You can have the best product and design known to man, but if your foundation is weak, your product life cycle will be most certainly be short lived, if not non-existent.


So please, take this into consideration. Your success is our success.





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