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Will You Be My……Manufacturer?

So your design is phenomenal, prototypes even better, and you have a first class strategy for product launch and sales generation.


BUT, BUT, BUT …… you need to find a manufacturer.


For inventors and entrepreneurs, this is often the decision that makes or breaks a product.


The considerations that go into sourcing a manufacturer for your innovation, can be immense. While speed to market should be on the forefront, patience may be your best friend. Quite frankly this is more than just a selection, its a partnership. Your manufacturer directly effects the end product, your company’s reputation, and the bottom line.


If you have a consumer good and your goal is to sell to big box retail in mass quantities, more than likely you will be looking to China for manufacturing. When selecting a manufacturer, you’ll need to duly vet the companies at hand and consider if the supply chain supports your business model.


Entrepreneurs are very resourceful. Through Google alone, you’ll be able to identify a number of Chinese manufacturers for your product. For that matter, you may even be able to open a line of communication, and begin working with this factory immediately.


But as stated above, this decision is a partnership. When and if you decide to choose a potential life partner through marriage, you don’t spend a cursory amount of time with the individual and decide “O yes, this is the one”.  (For the most part…)


Now, by no means are we saying marriage is on par with product development. But what we are saying is, due diligence separates successful “partnerships” from the unsuccessful.


At BerryGood Products, we feel its within your best interest to hire a sourcing agent with experience in vetting factory operations. Its more than just how long they’ve been in business. What is their track record, are their clients successful? And in our opinion, arguably the most important, is their a relationship between the agent and the factory selected?


See what separates BerryGood Products from most sourcing agents, is that we have individuals on the ground in China that represent our clients, on our behalf. From factory selection, to price negotiations and quality control, this level of security has proven vital to our firms success.


As an entrepreneur, quantum leaps can be achieved if you maximize on others experience, expertise and resources.


So while photos, video, and go-to meetings, will allow you to quickly GET INTO  manufacturing. Having a proven team on the ground overseas will help you GET OUT of manufacturing, and generating $$$$, with little to no stress on you.


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