Food For Thought: Selecting A Patent Attorney

Interestingly enough, I rarely find this topic discussed among inventors and entrepreneurs. But I feel this element can be just as crucial to a business’s success as the product itself. Especially if you have a product that is easily duplicated, and could grant you significant leverage if intellectual property is secured.
There are certainly products that don’t require intellectual property, and where patenting would not be the most beneficial route of allocating energy or funds. However, for those that DO have a product that requires such, the selection of who argues on your behalf can be key.
If you’re having difficulty selecting someone, here’s some food for thought:

Work with the one who has a background in the field your innovation is in.

To clarify what I mean by this, if you have a software idea, find somebody who is knowledgeable with patenting software. Whereas if you have a product that is a consumer good, find somebody who is proficient in that area.
I mean look at it this way….
Although a general surgeon can perform a number of different procedures, if your looking for face lift, would you not choose to see a plastic surgeon? Someone who specializes in the field?
The attention to detail between a individual who has little knowledge of the industry your innovation is in, versus a individual who specializes in that area, could prove to be the difference between whether you get a patent, or not.
Now this is not to scare you away from those who may not have experience in the field of your innovation. If you feel comfortable with whomever you meet with, and they are confident in your idea, and you confident in them, move forward.
This is simply just to give you an idea.
At the end of the day, do your due diligence, and make sure they are a right fit for you, your idea, and your budget.



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