Analysis Paralysis

I can not count the number of times I’ve heard this from entrepreneurs.


“You know what, I want to change something, I want to start a company, let’s brainstorm on an idea, RIGHT NOW.”


Now while I’m sure many life-altering companies and innovative concepts were born out of impulse. There are some issues that can arise with such. 


See the best companies often know why do they do what they do.

And those that fully embrace their roots allow for passion and inspiration.


So if you’re roots are primarily derived from being tired of a current situation, and wanting to start a company immediately, with little due diligence or consideration for the strength of your innovation.


Chances are….your idea may reflect that. 


Now there are certainly those who’ve created amazing innovation out of such, so this is not to discourage those who utilize this strategy. But it is to reach those who often rack their brains trying to come up with an idea.


So, I invite you to consider this.


Peacefully go throughout your days, and if you come across an event or circumstance in which you are “inconvenienced”, write it down.  


See chances are you’re not the only one that’s “inconvenienced” by such, and if a solution is found, you’ve effortlessly uncovered a number of opportunities with which to capitalize.


So the next time you feel that impulse, just ask yourself:


Would you prefer brainstorming all the time?


Or innovating out of clarity?



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