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Analysis Paralysis

I can not count the number of times I’ve heard this from entrepreneurs.   “You know what, I want to change something, I want to start a company, let’s brainstorm on an idea, RIGHT NOW.”   Now while I’m sure many life-altering companies and innovative concepts were born out of impulse. There are some issues Read more »

Early Investment Is Key!!!! Unless It’s Not…..

This topic of discussion is very interesting to me. I happen to find inventors and entrepreneurs who often feel it’s “necessary” to seek investment early. Now that certainly does not mean that a majority do, as there are many successes where individuals self fund or utilize other resources.   Nevertheless, I’m writing this article for Read more »

Food For Thought: Selecting A Patent Attorney

Interestingly enough, I rarely find this topic discussed among inventors and entrepreneurs. But I feel this element can be just as crucial to a business’s success as the product itself. Especially if you have a product that is easily duplicated, and could grant you significant leverage if intellectual property is secured.   There are certainly products Read more »

Will You Be My……Manufacturer?

So your design is phenomenal, prototypes even better, and you have a first class strategy for product launch and sales generation.   BUT, BUT, BUT …… you need to find a manufacturer.   For inventors and entrepreneurs, this is often the decision that makes or breaks a product.   The considerations that go into sourcing Read more »

So, Where’s Your Head At?

Vision Is Key   Sometimes the product development process, an “outside the box” endeavor by nature, can be subject to extreme “inside the box” thinking.  Yes, concrete thought does have its place in product development, however, repetitive “plug and play” strategies can offer little solace to entrepreneurs and inventors with REAL innovation on their hands. Read more »

Got Innovation?

As you all know, we are strong advocates for “IP” (Intellectual Property/Patents), when necessary. However,  your patent is often only as strong as the product and sales you generate. That is unless you license. In which case, the amount of revenue you would receive is drastically less than if you were to take a product Read more »

Vision is Key in Product Development

A business’s financial aim is to profit from their product and/or services. All too often BerryGood Products sees that the success of a product or service is often correlated to a solid foundation. In order to insure this, a firm should have first class product development and design work when taking new and unique products Read more »

Prototype 2 Manufacturing

How your idea is brought to life through the development phase, is by far one of the most important factors to your products success. If you are looking to hire  one of the most innovative product development florida companies, then you should know what is involved in the process. Product development involves maximizing the design, Read more »

Steps To Product Development Florida

Innovation is key to any business. The more that you create, the better chance you have of your company succeeding. That’s why having a quality product design and effective development are crucial. This will ultimately be what helps your business take off and thrive. Thankfully, that’s what BerryGood Products prides ourselves on. We provide services Read more »

Patenting A Product

If you have a new product that you are ready to introduce to the world, there are a few things you should do to fully secure your product. Apart for prototyping and licensing, one should also consider filing for a patent. The market is really a competitive platform and you can acquire significant leverage if Read more »